Virtual classroom and Online training during and after Covid19

Mar 16, 2020

After COVI-19 most of countries globally lockdown. Virus have impacted the daily routine of people in many countries. To overcome this CORONA Virus every Scientist, every health organisation, every Doctor and every common man putting efforts. Scientists will soon get the success to invent the vaccine for it.

Now we should realise and stop all unwanted traveling by Air, Ship or Road. This will ultimately help us to reduce CARBON footprint on earth and help environment to GROW in its own way. Secondly this will reduce companies OPEX and personal savings. Now we are in era of 5G mobile network, every country is talking about “5G” network and moving towards 5G network where OEMs are talking about less than 30ms latency and 1gbps bandwidth per user.

Currently with 4G mobile network we are getting avg. 5-8mbps speed in India. This speed is sufficient to handle Video Conferencing or Virtual Classroom sessions from Home or Office base location.

Globally every Tech companies are innovating new technologies but as a human being or company or institute we are failed to adapt that in our daily routine. Now in crisis like this COVID-19, we stucked-up in many fronts either its Health sectors or education sectors or any corporate companies. In education sector we are fully dependent on traditional way of Face2Face classrooms system. There are very few less than 5% educational institutes might have adapted online education or Virtual Classroom system. Virtual Classroom system should be deployed in every educational institutes. Virtual classroom system can be used for Secondary, Higher Secondary, Medical, Engineering and Management institutes.

Virtual Classroom/ Online Teaching can be used in any kind of emergencies by Medical institutes and any educational institutes for limited time. Our educational sector itself is not prepared for these kind of technology adaptation because of less interest of school management to invest in such technologies or teachers showing less interest to adopt new technologies. Firstly management should understand the benefits of Virtual Classroom in the Institute campus. Now in these kind of crisis situation we cannot build the online education system overnight. We would suggest to take mixed mode approach in such crisis situation where online teaching, online learning and self-assessment and that also for higher education up. Institutes can have separate Virtual Classroom batch where in users can connect from anywhere.

Once we come out of this CORONA virus situation, all institutes should start thinking on making the education online. As I mentioned we should take mixed mode approach like Traditional + Online/Virtual + Self Learning. Institute should have one Virtual Classroom batch for one division so that full batch will attend the lectures from Home;

  1. No Travel: Reduce carbon footprint.
  2. Teachers will become more familiar with Virtual Classroom technology
  3. Institute (Students and Teachers) will be ready for any kind of future emergencies if required they can go with Virtual Classroom.
    • You can also go for 24*7*365 education system.
    • With Virtual Classroom Institutes can target those students who are more interested in other activities (like Sports, Arts, Dance, etc) and wants to make their career in that and education is secondary.
    • Good experience teacher will surely can connect with good students across the world.
    • This will reduce the physiological pressure on students.

In Market there are many solutions available for Online Education and for Virtual Classroom. Both are online but both works in different ways. There are multiple criteria’s to choose the right online solution for educational institutes,

  1. Course Content.
  2. Participant’s age group.
  3. Interactive or One way lecture delivery.
  4. Only Audio or on Video as well.
  5. Internet Bandwidth.
  6. Good Infra.

All above and many other points should be considered to choose right online Education or Virtual Classroom software solution. This Virtual Classroom solution should be properly designed based on the customised requirement of Institute and Users. Technical design of Virtual Classroom again have multiple points to be considered at the time of deployment of usecase.

  • Placement of HD Camera
  • Use of Interactive Flat panel or Projector with Whiteboard.
  • Use of Multiple Cameras
  • Placement of HD MIC and Speakers
  • Technical Training to Teaching Staff.
  • Technical Support
Right selection of Virtual Classroom Solution will give you good results.