Dihub wins Skill Learning Award from Indian Education Awards

Feb 27, 2020

Dihub has been awarded in the category of Skill Learning Award - Rural Skill Learning by India Education Awards, 2020.

Initiative of Dihub:

Founder, Pravin Redekar, started Dihub in 2019 to provide digitization services to Educational Institutions, SMEs, MSMEs, Corporates and Healthcare organizations. Along with that, Dihub decided to setup virtual classrooms for rural areas in India. The students in rural areas in India still don't have access to quality education. They have to move to the city-area which adds additional expenses. Due to this, many students are not able to get the skills required that can help them achieve success in their lives. Dihub used the technological advantage to overcome this issue with the help of virtual classrooms.

Achievement of Dihub:

With the help of Virtual classrooms, our experts can train students living in rural areas from our studio located in Bandra, Mumbai. This helps the trainer to conduct the courses without having to visit those rural areas. Students also get access to quality education without having to move from their home town. Moreover, the expert can conduct these courses on a very large scale - this reduces the overall operating costs and hence reduces the fee of the courses. Dihub conducted courses like Share Market Fundamentals, DTP, etc. for the students living in the rural areas of Kolhapur District in Maharashtra. Slowly we are planning to cover entire Maharashtra and then launch this program on a national level.

What is Indian Education Awards:

Indian Education Awards a national level award which facilitates professionals and institutes working in Indian Education Industry under different categories. They organized their 10th Edition in March 2020. Dihub was awarded under the category "Skill Learning Award - Rural Skill Learning".

We are planning to expand our reach to the national-level. We are looking for the institutes who can partner with us. If you are interested, click on the following link and fill the form. We will get back to you soon with the necessary information.