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Esther Zirbel

Yale University Ph.D., M.Phil., Astronomy ยท (1986 - 1993)

Subjects: Educator, Faculty Coach, Consultant, Astrophysicist

Experienced academic coach working in the higher education industry. As a passionate educator, former astrophysicist, and devoted faculty coach, Esther works with academic leaders to design and offer a variety of professional development opportunities for faculty to enhance teaching and learning. The objective is to support faculty in teaching students and create a ripple effect. Faculty will explore instructional strategies that will better prepare their students for the challenges of the 21st Century, provide students with the tools to learn more effectively, and empower students to live truly significant lives.

Currently, she handling Learning Ledgers as CEO & Education Director. Earlier to this she worked with Brown University Director of STEM Programs, Boston University and other few universities in the US.

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