Stock Market Fundamental Analysis

1 month

This course is designed to help you understand the Fundamental Analysis. It helps you understand the basic concepts and terminologies relating to the capital market and their application for investing in stocks. This is the backbone of investing. Fundamental analysts study the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement to gain insight on a company's future performance.

Course Content

  • Share Benefit
    Dividend, Dividend Yield, Bonus Share, Stock Split, Record Date, Book Closure. Which Type Of Companies Gives These Benefits? How They Are Profitable To Us? For Such Profit When We Should Buy Shares?
  • Introduction To Fundamental Analysis
    Economic News : GDP, Employment , Credit Market… How They Related To The Share Price? Company News: Promoter, Management, Orders, Quarterly & Yearly Results. How Shares Market Price Made? Which Types Of News Affects To Market Price? How To Study Economic & Company News For Shares Market Price Behavior? What Is Sequence Of Study To Select The Stock For Investment? Buyback, Right Issue.
  • Ratio Analysis
    EBITDA Margin, Debt-Equity Ratio, EPS, Book Value, Market Price To Book Value Ratio, Price To Earning Ratio… How To Do Ratio Analysis? How These Ratios Are Useful To Determine Whether Share Price Is Fare Valued, Under Valued Or Over Valued? How On The Base Of Financial Ratio We Can Project Share Price For Next 1-3 Years?
  • Portfolio Management
    How Much Money We Should Invest In Stock Market ? What Should Be Allocation For Trading & Investment? Which Type Of Sector & Company We Should Select For Investment? What Should Be Their Weightage In Portfolio? For Investment How Much Time We Should Hold Any Company Share In Portfolio? How Wet Should Put Stop Loss For Portfolio?
  • Index
    Concept Of Index (Sensex & Nifty) Calculation Methodology & Index Trading.
  • Public Issue
    How Any Company Prepares To Launch Public Issue ? How Public Issue Completes? How Shares Allotment Done? Which Type Of Public Issue We Should Apply? How We Can Make Their Listing Price?
  • Day Trading
    How Day Trading Done? How We Can Make Teji& Mandi Position? How To Put Stop Loss Order? How To Place Profit Booking Order? Which Type Of Shares We Should Select For Day Trading?
  • Trading Terminal
    Live Hands Of Students On Trading Terminal ! Real Time Trading Session On Software Based Trading Terminal. Function – Marketwatch Window Setup, Buy –Sell, Profit Booking, Stoploss. Order Placement, Intraday Charting, DP Holding, Portfolio Tracker, Online IPO, Ledger Balance, Digital Contract Note, Fund Transfer

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