Marathi Language Level-1B Course

9 Weeks (18 Sessions)

A batch for ICSE, CBSE, SSC Board school students who want to Improve or Learn the Marathi Language with the online course (Interactive, Face to Face) which includes Marathi Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening skills by testing out our new 10-Days Marathi Language Level -1 Online Class.

Your child will learn:-

१.१.) लेवल १A चा सराव : मुळाक्षरे, बाराखडी , लिंग, वचन
(Level 1A Practice: Alphabet, Barakhadi, Gender, Singular/plural)
१.२) शब्द , शब्द रचना , वाक्य रचना
(Words, word formation, sentence formation )
२.१) अंकलिपी (१-५०)
(Numbering 1-50)
२.२) अंकलिपी (५१-१००)
(Numbering 51-100)
३.१) रंग
३.२) आहार + फळ आणि भाज्या
(Diet + fruits and vegetables)
४.१) शरीराचे अवयव
(Organs of the body)
४.२) माझे कुटुंब
(My family)
५.१) जोड शब्द
(Connecting words)
५.२) उच्चरातील फरक (च , छ , ज , झ )
(Differences in pronunciation (च , छ , ज , झ ) )
६.१) प्राणी आणि पक्षी
(Animals and birds)
६.२) चांगल्या सवयी
(Good habits )
७.१) गद्य आकलन (उतारा वाचन, प्रश्न निर्मिती व उत्तरे)
(Paragraph Reading, Question Formation and Answers)
७.२) गद्य आकलन (उतारा वाचन, प्रश्न निर्मिती व उत्तरे)
(Paragraph Reading, Question Formation and Answers)
८.१) कथानक (scenario-based )
Story Building
८.२) कथानक (scenario-based )
Story Building

With This Your Child Will,
> gain confidence in Marathi Speaking, Writing, and Reading.
> develop new vocabularies and sentence formation techniques.
> improve Marathi communication skills by working on projects in pairs and small teams.
> learn about real-life topics.

Program Highlights :
- Limited students Batch ( Max 8 Students)
- Live online classes through Virtual Classroom
- Interactive and White-boarding
- Live doubt solving and assignments
- No hidden costs
- Total 18 sessions

Eligibility :
Should have completed Level1A or Should have good pronunciation, should be able to identify letters, form words, form small sentences.

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