Basic Spoken English

2 Months (Classroom Session : 2Hrs | Every Sunday ; Review Call : 1Hr | Every Tuesday & Thursday)

तुम्हाला ENGLISH बोलण्याची भीती वाटते का? या LIVE ऑनलाइन Virtual Classroom शिक्षणपद्धतीतुन आपल्या इंग्रजी भाषा बोलण्याचे कौशल्य शिका. सराव सराव, सराव आणि थेट परस्परसंवाद सत्रांसह आपले इंग्रजी संभाषण स्पष्ट आणि प्रभावी बनवा.

Course Highlights :-

> Basic Spoken English skills
> Discussions and other interactive activities
> Effective strategies and tricks
> Improve fluency
> Phrases and expressions
> Regular assessment & review
> Standard course materials
> Vocabulary enhancement


1.) Starting with basics, The verb ‘TO BE’. That’s where you start, learning with a most irregular verb in the English Language.
2.) Learn how to link the verb to form simple English sentences.
3.) Spoken Skills with Grammar.
4.) Vocabulary and Word Recognition.
5.) Talking About – Real-Life Conversation Practice.

What will you learn? आपण काय शिकाल?

व्याकरण - Nouns, adjectives, subject-verb agreement, verbs, articles, pronouns, basic tenses, prepositions, conjunctions, modals, and conditionals.

शब्दसंग्रह - Emotions, colloquialisms, interests, idioms, personality, social situations, travel, slang, workplace.

वाचन आणि ऐकण्याची पद्धती - Skimming, scanning, main idea, supporting ideas, understanding infographics, listening strategies.

बोलणे - Tone and audience, purpose, sketching an argument, structuring an argument, editing, proofing.

आजच सुरु करा, या डिजिटल युगात प्रगती करा.

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